Learn to swim with Zoggs: stages of development

We're strong believers that children should be introduced to the water as young as possible as it helps with confidence, enjoyment and well-being. It's for this reason our Learn to Swim range of products is designed to suit your child's stage of swim development whether they're starting to swim, learning or confident swimmers looking to improve their technique.

Water Wings Vest

Stage 1: Start to swim. Our swimwear, equipment and pool games are designed to introduce your child to the water in a fun and enjoyable way. Each product in the Stage 1 range is designed to help babies and young children to become familiar and comfortable in the water.

The swimwear for babies will help keep them warm in and out of the pool. We have a range of both adjustable and swimsure nappies to help contain any accidents. 

A Trainer Seat is a good way for babies to get used to being in the water while being able to maintain movement of their arms and legs. Made from heavy duty Vylux, our Trainer Seat has durable safety air chambers, separate non-return safety valves and a pillow back for comfort with a stable secure seat to keep them at ease. 


Teaching them to play in the pool with soakers or squirts is a great way to help them enjoy the water. Our Zoggy Soakers are designed to encourage confidence and they're an ideal way to get babies and small children wet their face and arms. They can also be used as part of a fun game - and in the bath at home.

Stage 2: Learn to swim. At this stage, products are designed to help their swimming ability and build water confidence. As they learn to swim, it's important to provide them with the right tools to help them in the water. Our swimwear, buoyancy aids and pool toys do exactly that by building their water confidence. Our swimwear is suitable for Tots (0-6) and Juniors (6-14) taking them from their first splash through to being a confident swimmer.

Our floatsuits have adjustable buoyancy which can be decreased as they become more confident with our Water Wings Vest helping to develop a natural swimming position and allow for flexibility. With a range of vibrant colours and designs, they are ideal for the pool. Likewise, our armbands encourage confidence and skill in the water and keep them afloat while they find their swimming stroke. Pool games are also a good way to help them progress.

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Stage 3: Confident swimmers. With the swimming ability there, these products are designed to build their skills in and under the water through fun and competition. Pool toys and swimming equipment makes it much easier for children to find their feet in the water. This might be dive and retrieve games such as collecting dive sticks or dive rings or using kickboards to improve their technique.


To discover more learn to swim products, head over to our website where you can search by swim stage.