How to use a Pull Buoy

Looking at introducing some training aids into your swim sessions but not sure where to start?

Before using training aids be sure to check the intended use and make sure you are using them correctly so that you can get the most out of your session. 

Why use training aids when swimming?

Training aids are a great way to mix up your training sessions and focus on different aspects of your technique. 

Different swim equipment focuses on different parts of your technique as well as strengthening different parts of your body. 


kids in goggles and fabric capskids in goggles and fabric caps

Why use a Pull Buoy?

  • Improves technique by focusing on the catch of your stroke
  • Allows you to focus on building upper body strength 
  • Elevates legs and maintains your body position in the water



pull buoy and titanium gogglespull buoy and titanium goggles
Maggie Sandles swim training with a pull buoyMaggie Sandles swim training with a pull buoy

How to use a Pull Buoy?

  • Place Pull Buoy between your upper thighs. 
  • Keep ankles relaxed and toes pointed to reduce the movement of your legs throughout the session 
  • Continue your swim session while focusing on the technique of hte catch and pull of your stroke


Top Tips!

  • If you are new to using a Pull Buoy start with shorter intervals with more rest during sessions and gradually build up length and time of intervals once you swim with it more regularly. 
  • If you want an extra challenge for your next session use both Hand Paddles and a Pull Buoy to engage your Lats and strengthen your pull. 



swim kit with hand paddles, pull buoy by the poolswim kit with hand paddles, pull buoy by the pool



Want more information about different training aids to develop your technique?

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Happy swimming!