Everything you need to know about helping your little one build confidence in the water

If you want to introduce your baby to water or help your child learn to swim and become a confident little swimmer or want to learn to swim yourself... welcome to Zoggs Learn to Swim.

Stage 2 is all about learning to swim and finding more confidence and independence in the water. In Stage 2 your child will build skills which will help them all along their swimming journey. Confidence and independence is a core part of this stage which is why the buoyancy aids promote movement in the water. 



How do you know if your child is ready to progress to Stage 2? 

Every child is different but here are some key signs that your child is ready to start Stage 2

  • Making lots of splashes 
  • Activley trying to move in the water 
  • Kicking in their trainer seat
  • They are enjoying their time in their water 
  • They are  comfortable in the water

The main thing to remember is to keep it fun and no need to rush your child, you will know when they are ready!

When your child starts showing signs of confidence in the water start to progress them to Stage 2.

Below are some easy tips to transition into Stage 2 

  • Start to create a little bit of space between you and the baby 
  • An easy transition is from trainer seat to swim ring to allow more movement of their legs in the water. 
  • Make it fun, encourage them to move around in the water

Which flotation device is best?
The use of a floatation device is extremely important and supportive for children swimming for the first time, no matter their age. This is in addition to support from an adult. However, we also recommend a floatation device, whether it be Float bands, Roll ups, a Zoodle or a Floatsuit. The most important thing to remember is that the adult must hold onto the child or child’s hands at all times as the child learns to swim. Only once the child gains confidence in the water should the adult either deflate the floatation device or allow the child to swim with less support or even unaided (and only for short periods in the first instance).

Swim Ring 

The Swim Ring is a great inflatable for all stages as it can be used from transitioning into Stage 2 onwards. The Swim Ring can be used as a progression from the Trainer Seat in Stage 1 as it allows for children to move their arms and legs more freely in the water.

Float bands/Roll Ups

Float Bands and Roll Ups can be used by themselves or in combination with a Swim Ring or pool noodle. Float bands come in 3 sizes depending on weight and have a flat contoured under arm gusset for comfort. Roll Ups come in one size and are suitable  for 1-6 years all you have to do is inflate then simply roll them up your childs arm. 

Water Wings Vest 

The Water Wings Vest is a Zoggs innovation which helps kids learn to swim 5 times faster. The Water Wings Vest encourages the natural swimming position which means we recommend this for children who are a bit more cofident in the water. The unique foam design allows children to move their arms freely and dive under water while they are building their confidence. 

Click here to learn more about the Water Wings Vest

Float Suit 

The Float Suit is a similar design to the Water Wings Vest except it is an all in one and the buoyancy is able to be adjusted depending on the childs swimming confidence. The  buoyncy can be decreased through the removal of the foam pads inside the suit as hte child gets progressivly more confident in the water. 


The Back Float is great for kids who are confident in the water and are practising freestyle or any other movement around the water. The Back Float has a double action safety buckle and the buoyancy can be gradually decreased as your child becomes increasingly confident in the water. It should be tight enough around your childs back so that it doesnt move but not too tight. The Back Float places your child in the natrual swimming position so it is best for children who are more confident in the water. 

Jet Pack 3 in 1 

The Jet Pack is a 3 in 1 buoyancy device that grows with your child. The first way to use it is as a full buoyancy back float. The second way is taking the middle section out and using it as a kickboard to practice kicking. The final way to use the Jet Pack is as areduced buoyancy back float with a kickboard. The Jet Pack enables independant use of arms and legs while it is in use. 

Swimming Games to Build Confidence

Seal Flips 

Seal Flips are great toys for children to practice their breathing with. All they have to do is simply place the seal on the water and blow at the edge to flip it over, if they blow too hard the seal will float away but if they don't blow hard enough the seal won't move. These can be used in both pools or baths to get your child more comfortable putting their faces close to water. Once your child is more confortable in the water the Seal Flips can be used as a swim and retrive game in a pool. 

Swim and Retrive 

Swim and retreive games are great for children in stage 2. Simply place any toy that floats in the pool, and help your child to swim to it, as they get more confident add more distance between them and toy that they are retreiving. Swim and retreive games are great to grow confidence and skills in the water. Our Stage 1 Zoggy Soakers are also great for swim and retreive games. 

Does my child need swimming goggles?
Swimming goggles are an essential piece of equipment for any child who is learning to swim or who just wants to have fun in the water. When children are learning to swim, it is important that they are as comfortable and relaxed as possible, being able to see clearly underwater will not only give children confidence as they learn, but will allow them to stay in the water longer. For a child that is fearful of the water, not being able to see clearly underwater can compound the problem. Wearing goggles for the first time can be a strange sensation for young children, we often advise parents to give goggles to their children in the bath or shower to get used to the feeling.

Is there anything I can practice at home with my child?
There are plenty of things you can practice at home, and the best place for most of these is in the bath! Encourage your child to blow toys across the surface of the water, and then with their chin under the water to blow bubbles under the water even blowing bubbles through a straw can help! It sometimes a good idea to try goggles on for the first time in the bath or shower to get used to the sensation, and seeing the effect of wearing goggles underwater. Remember games are a great way for children to learn and practice.

If we are going away on holiday and we have a pool what would be the best things to take to practice?

It’s best to ask your swim teacher what your child can practice when you are on holiday to keep learning. Very often resort pools will be less restrictive over what you can use, always check first before you go – but our recommendations for Stage 2 are Floatbands or Roll ups as they are easy to deflate and fit in luggage.