5 common swimming hang ups and how to overcome them

While some take to swimming like a duck to water, many can be apprehensive especially if starting to swim regularly. It's usual to have a few pool hang ups along the way but there are many solutions to overcome these. Here are our top tips to ensuring you feel great so you can really make the most of your swims.

Feeling self conscious - It's usual to feel uncomfortable in your swimwear or compare yourself to others. Having a swimsuit that matches your body shape is an ideal way to feel great about yourself. The essential Sandon Scoopback with its classic back for example is designed to flatter, enhance and support. It has a shelf bra with fixed foam cups for support and shaping. There's even a control panel to smooth and flatter the tummy area.

Predator Flex Titanium

Getting water in your eyes - If you're not a regular swimmer, you might not have noticed the odd splash in the face while at the pool. Swimming more frequently however may mean the it's busier which is bound to result in being splashed more often. Finding a pair of goggles that suit your needs is the best way to combat this. Goggles will keep water out of your eyes and leave you free to concentrate on your swimming. Zoggs goggles come with a range features - you can read our features guide here and our goggle fitting guide here.

Going under water - If you're not used to swimming under water, it might be daunting at first. The best way to overcome this however is by swimming with someone you trust. That way you have the support and you can help push each other out of your comfort zones. Swimming as a group is a great motivator too although once you've built your confidence up, swimming on your own is a great form of escapism too.


Walking to the pool in a swimsuit - Part of this, and being in a swimsuit around others, is of course getting used to swimming regularly. Once you have you'll quickly discover that no-one cares, everyone is in the same boat and there's no reason for you to feel self conscious. Your confidence will grow the more you swim.

Not being a strong swimmer - Being new to swimming might make you feel like you're not good enough. But stick with it and you'll quickly find you love swimming and all the positive changes it brings. Swimming strengths your entire body and it's great for your fitness levels too. Having a coach will help you come on leaps and bounds as well.