Just For Fun: 10 of the World's Coolest Water Slides
Posted On: 28thAugust2015

Just For Fun: 10 of the World's Coolest Water Slides

Just For Fun: 10 of the World's Coolest Water Slides

There are few things more fun, for all ages, than the joys of a water slide! With some truly impressive slides to be found around the world, the team here at Zoggs have picked out some of the coolest and breath-taking water slides that are sure to test your nerves…..

1. Summit Plummet, Florida, USA
This US water slide includes a slope no less than 120 feet high, and is hosted by Disney at the Blizzard Beach area of their famous Walt Disney World resort.

Zoggs  Waterslides 1

2. Aqualoop, South Korea
The Aqualoop is a huge twisting waterslide found at South Korea's Everland Resort, this is not a waterslide for the faint hearted!

Zoggs  Waterslides  2

3. Atlantis, Bahamas
Known as the “Leap of Faith”, riders drop from the 60-foot-high Mayan temple into a submerged, clear tunnel that leads through a pool full of sharks!

Zoggs  Waterslides 3

4. Insano, Brazil
The Insano water slide is not for the faint hearted, and includes a breath taking 135 foot drop with speeds of up to 65mph!

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5. The Mammoth, Indiana, USA
Located at the Splashin' Safari resort, the Mammoth is the world's longest hydromagnetic water coaster. It has a total length of 1,763 feet including seven drops with heights up to 69 feet!

Zoggs  Waterslides 5

6. Faser, Germany
Germany's Galaxy Erding has twenty water slides and all of them are pretty exhilarating, but the coolest is probably Faser, which reaches breath-taking 45mph speeds.

Zoggs  Waterslides 6

7. L2, Austria
L2 was the first double-looping waterslide in the world, and can be found at Austria's Woergler Wasserwelt. It involves top speeds of over 40mph and starts off with a freefall of 46 feet.

Zoggs  Waterslides 7

8. Cliffhanger/F5 Twin Twisters, Texas, USA
This ultimate waterslide combo is found at Texas' Schlitterbahn water park. Plummet down the near-straight drop of the cliffhanger, or race a partner through the helix of the Twin Twisters.

Zoggs waterslides 8

9. Tantrum Alley, Dubai
Tantrum Alley, at Dubai's Wild Wadi Waterpark, is the star attraction while a reputedly bigger slide awaits construction. It has the honour of being the first slide in the world to offer three funnels.

Zoggs Waterslides 9

10. The Cyclone, Canada
The Cyclone was the first waterslide of its kind in Canada, and is still one of the coolest around. Found in the World Waterpark of West Edmonton Mall, it features a 56 foot drop leading straight into a loop and speeds approaching 40mph.

Zoggs Waterslides

For thrill seekers, you’ll also be excited to know that the "world's tallest and longest" is set to open in London in 2016. The new ride in London will be created from the Orbit tower at the Olympic Park and will be an astonishing height of 76m (The average two storey house at 7m) and 178m in length!

Have you had the chance to ride on any of these amazing watersides?
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