Ladies: 5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimwear This Summer
Posted On: 19thApril2016

Ladies: 5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimwear This Summer

Ladies: 5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Swimwear This Summer

supportive swimwearWhether you’re a seasonal swimmer who just likes to splash down on holiday or a newbie who’s hoping to become a regular at the local pool, feeling nervous about stepping out in a swimming costume can be a real drag that just takes all the fun out of it.
Here’s 5 ways to forget the nerves, feel confident and have fun in your swimwear this summer:

1. Take Care of Yourself

It doesn’t really matter what shape your body is in, confidence all comes down to how you feel about it so give your confidence a boost by taking care of yourself. This doesn’t mean embarking on some gruelling exercise regime or punishing diet. It’s about giving your body a little more of what it needs to be healthy.
Drink plenty of water, eat well, moisturise, get a massage, sleep, and get your heart rate up with whatever sort of exercise takes your fancy every now and then!   

2. Get Supportive Swimwear

Almost every woman has a body part she wishes were different but whether you’d like a firmer bottom, longer legs, a flatter tummy or a bigger bust, you can create the illusion of it with the right supportive swimwear.
Here’s just one example from our Swimshapes range: The Tribe Scoopback Deco Tribe Scoopback Supportive SwimwearSwimsuit is a bestseller thanks to the colour and design which flatter any skin tone, and the discreet, built-in supports that boost comfort and confidence. Features include:

  • A bold print that defines and enhances the waist to create an hourglass shape
  • Shelf bra and fixed foam cups for light support and a shapely silhouette
  • Tummy control panel for a smoother, flatter waistline
  • Flattering medium leg height
  • Wide straps for a stable, comfortable fit
  • Feminine, front and back scoop shaping

Every item in our Swimshapes range is designed to enhance, flatter and support your body. There are many other features, like adjustable straps, removable cups and different leg heights for petite and plus-size ladies alike to choose from.
You’ll quickly get used to how it feels and looks and this familiarity can really help to boost your confidence when it’s time to hit the beach or pool.  

3. Practice Makes Perfect

This might sound like an odd approach but it really works! Once you’ve found the right swimming costume for you, why not hit the local swimming pool a few times before your holiday? Our four-week workout for beginners can assist you in getting used to how it feels and looks. This familiarity can really help to boost your confidence when it’s time to hit the beach or pool.  

4.  Accessorise

You might be a powerhouse in the boardroom or a tower of strength for your family and friends, but sometimes, wearing any sort of swimwear can make you feel a bit naked, and if this takes you out of your comfort zone then try taking the edge off with a few accessories.
Sarongs, jewellery, sunhats, shades and sandals can all help you to feel more at ease in a costume and when you’re ready, you can just slip them off poolside.

5. Think Positive

We’ve already pointed out a few things that can help you overcome those feelings but ultimately, your confidence to step out in swimwear comes down to how you think your body, so choose to be positive. Put your smile on with your swimwear and just dive in.

Check out the full range of Zoggs supportive swimwear and order yours online.   

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