Top Stocking Fillers for Swimmers this Christmas
Posted On: 16thNovember2016

Top Stocking Fillers for Swimmers this Christmas

Top Stocking Fillers for Swimmers this Christmas

Whether it's pool games for hours of splashing fun this holiday season or goggles and equipment for grown-ups, we’ve got the perfect gifts for the swimmers in your life this Christmas.

Gifts for Adults

Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggles - £60

For that extra special swimmer in your life, splash out this Christmas on our
photo-chromatic Predator Flex goggles, featuring our most advanced lens technology to date. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor training, the lenses become tinted in bright light and clear in darker conditions for superb clarity. Shop here.

311846 uk_24

Kick-Buoy - £16

Is it a Kickboard? Is it a Pull Buoy? It’s both! Give the ultimate swim training aid this festive season and help them save space in their kit bag at the same time. As a kickboard it can help with working on kick technique and as a pull-buoy the swimmer can focus on their stroke technique, perfect for a full body workout after all that indulging in mince pies. Shop here.

300644 kickbuoy_24

Duffle Bag - £25

Perfect for your gym buddy! Our Duffle Bag features a number of internal and external pockets, perfect for keeping wet swimming gear away from the rest of their gym kit. The detachable strap means it can be used as a shoulder bag or holdall. Shop here.


Hand Paddles - £13

Prepare them for the post-Christmas fitness boost with some handy training aids. Our Hand Paddles are designed to increase drag and build upper body strength as well as improve upon stroke technique. Available in medium and large sizes, making them the perfect gift for regular swimmers and those trying to improve on their stroke technique. Shop here.


Fusion Air Women’s Goggles - £18

Our most popular women’s goggles to date! Fusion Air are an absolute must-have for regular swimmers, with air cushion technology providing a soft, cushioned seal for exceptional comfort. The smoke tinted lenses are ideal for indoor swimming and low level outdoor light, and they look pretty fantastic, too! Shop here.


And for the kids...

Dory and Destiny Soakers - £10

Our soaker toys are perfect for babies and toddlers who are just starting to swim, and now they can swim with Dory and friends! Encouraging play and confidence in the water, these toys soak up the water which can then be squeezed out. They make great splasher toys, too – perfect for the pool and bath! Shop here.


Junior Character Caps - £7

Our range of character swimming caps for juniors are fantastic for adding some fun to their swimming kit. With six designs available to buy online, they can enjoy the fun and freedom of the water with some of their favourite sea creatures. A brilliant addition to any stocking this Christmas. Shop here.


Zoggy Dive Rings - £14

Create hours of fun for the whole family this festive season with our classic dive and retrieve game. Throw the weighted seal hoops into the water and dive to catch them. Race to see who can catch them before they reach the bottom of the pool, or to see who can grab the most rings first. Perfect for creating fun and competition, these Dive Rings are suitable for ages 3 years +. Shop here.

301266 zoggy dive rings 2014_24

Swimwear - from £4.50

Get the kids ready for a new term of swimming with a snazzy new swimsuit! Our range of kids and junior swimwear features a variety of vibrant and playful prints for ages 1-15 years-old. The range also includes our 100% chlorine proof Aqualast fabric which comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can give the gift that just keeps on giving! Shop here.


Sea Demon Goggles - £14

They’ll just love our Sea Demon Junior Goggles for children aged 6-14 years, featuring unique hologram reptile eye lenses! Available in blue and purple, these goggles are also hypo-allergenic and offer a soft seal around the eyes for ultimate comfort. Shop here.


You can shop our full range of stocking filler ideas here.

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