Parents’ Guide: Tips for Putting a Swim Cap on Your Child, Fuss-free!

on 20th October 2015

When your little one is desperate to get in the pool and start having fun – it can be pretty difficult to try and wriggle them into a swim cap! The following tips will help to make the whole experience as fuss-free as possible.

Zoggs Swimcap

Fuss-free tips for putting on a child’s swim cap

Our range of junior swim caps are made of durable and stretchy silicone and are designed to comfortably grip the head and stay in place. However, this necessary grip can make it tricky to get a cap on dry hair, so…

• Make it easy by getting your child’s hair wet in the pool showers or the water itself, or if it’s prone to tangling, comb a little conditioner through it first. If your child has long hair, avoid the temptation to tie it up; hairbands can cause tension on the scalp and be uncomfortable so leave it loose.

• With your fingers laced loosely together, put your hands into the cap with the seam aligned over your knuckles and gently stretch it outwards.

• Ask your child to stand in front of you, facing away and if they have long hair, ask them to hold it in a loose bundle at the back of their head.

• Now simply lower the cap over their head. When your little fingers feel their eyebrows, the cap is low enough at the front. Gently slide your hands down over the scalp and out of the hat.

• Because every Zoggs swim cap is made from stretchy material, you will now be able to comfortably slide your fingers underneath to tuck in any remaining loose hairs and adjust the position on the forehead and around the ears for maximum comfort.

• To take the swim cap off, simply hook your fingers underneath the front seam, stretch away from the scalp and lift. Easy!

Does my child really need a swimming cap?

If your child has long hair, a swim cap will help to keep it out of their eyes and even if it’s short, can help to prevent the damaging, drying, tangling effects of chlorine, salt or the sun.

Swim caps also prevent the rubber straps of goggles snagging or pulling on hair of any length and help them to stay in place to protect children’s eyes no matter how much jumping, splashing or diving they do.

For young swimmers who hope to compete (even if it is just with Dad!) swim caps can help to reduce drag for streamlined, fast swims and also help to maintain body heat in open water.

Taking care of your swimming cap:

Swim caps are pretty robust but it’s still important to take care of them. Avoid using your nails to tug them into position and rinse them after every swim with fresh, clean water. Then simply let them air-dry or add a little talc to the inside before putting them away for next time.

We stock a variety of swim caps suitable for children, including block colours in red, green, blue and black, eye-catching, fun and colourful sea life characters and even a selection of swim caps featuring Peppa Pig and George!

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