5 Fun and Colourful Swimming Costumes for Girls
Posted On: 17thSeptember2015

5 Fun and Colourful Swimming Costumes for Girls

5 Fun and Colourful Swimming Costumes for Girls

Whether the little lady in your life is about to embark on her first swimming lessons, join a local swim club or just splashing around in the pool, we’ve got a great selection of swimming costumes for girls to choose from that are all designed to help girls feel comfortable, confident and equipped for any kind of water adventure.

Here are just five of the gorgeous swimming costumes for girls in our range:

Girls Sea Garden Tuille Sundress

For little ones aged 1 to 6, this pretty swimming costume is already a huge hit and is perfect for both toddlers getting their first introduction to the world of swimming and little girls who are already comfortable having fun in the water.

With a bright, multi-coloured fish and seaweed pattern and tactile, mesh tutu on the hip-line, this playful costume features slim shoulder straps which crossover at the back to prevent them sliding down the shoulders, soft comfortable seams and chlorine-resistant Elastomax fabric.

It’s suitable for wear with or without a swim nappy so little ladies can enjoy the security, comfort and freedom they need to enjoy every kind of splashy fun!

girls swimsuit 1

Girls Melon Magic XBack Swimdress

Equally suited to toddlers and little girls aged 1 to 6, this swimming costume in pretty pink, purple and green features a bright, melon-slice pattern and soft- touch double frill on the hip-line for a fresh and fun look.

With slim shoulder straps that give children unrestricted movement and a crossover design at the back that helps keep straps in place, this bright and colourful costume also features our super-soft, chlorine resistant Elastomax fabric.


Junior Girls Mermaid

Suitable for ages 6 to 15 and already selling fast, this colourful costume will help girls of all ages unleash their inner mermaid!

The mermaid-scale pattern in pretty pinks, blues andgreens is complemented by a flower cut-out design detail on the back which adds an extra touch of fun for young ladies. With a medium leg-height and fully lined front for modesty, slim straps, open back for great freedom of movement and durable Hydrolife fabric which retains its shape, the Junior Girls Mermaid costume is a fresh and fun one-piece suitable for any kind of swim activity.

girls swimming costume

Junior Girls Congo Bella Crossback

This bright, eye-catching swimming costume for girls aged 6 to 15 has been really popular with younger and older girls alike and is guaranteed to ensure they stand out at the pool.

The bold, rainbow-coloured spot pattern gives shape to the body which in the front, is fully lined for modesty and comfort, while the narrow cross-over shoulder straps and open back ensure total freedom of movement for the upper body.

The 100% chlorine-proof Aqualast fabric holds its shape and resists snagging, and is so durable it comes with a lifetime guarantee, making the Congo Bella Crossback swimming costume ideal for frequent swimmers!5060155

Junior Girls Mosaic Madness Strikeback

This pretty, fuchsia-pink swimming costume is complemented by a diamond mosaic pattern in contrasting blue, orange, pink and green for a bright, fun look that is suitable for girls aged 6 to 15.

With slim shoulder straps that support freedom of movement, this costume is made from Hydrolife fabric which offers exceptional stretch and shape retention and features and open-back design that gives extra flex to make it ideal for taller girls.

These are just five of swimming costumes for girls available in our kids and junior ranges, but we know that there’s a lot more to swimming than just the swimwear.5084150

At Zoggs, we supply everything you and your little ones need to have fun and fall in love with swimming including junior goggles, splash toys, noodles, towels and so much more.

Simply explore our range and order online at www.zoggs.com

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