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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Technique Tips: How to Use Training Fins

    At Zoggs, we’re passionate about all things swimming and that’s why we produce a range of swimwear, swimming aids and equipment that’s designed to help you make the ve…Read More

  • Zoggs Guide to Supportive Swimwear

    At Zoggs, we understand that the challenges facing female swimmers are about much more than just swimming ability or access to facilities. Body confidence plays a big part in…Read More

  • 5 Fun and Colourful Swimming Costumes for Girls

    Whether the little lady in your life is about to embark on her first swimming lessons, join a local swim club or just splashing around in the pool, we’ve got a great selecti…Read More

  • Why Swimming Lessons are not just for Kids...

    Most of us understand the concept of swimming lessons, they’re for kids to make sure they are safe around water… right?   We think there's much more to it than simply …Read More

  • Aqualast: The Only Swimwear Fabric with a Lifetime Guarantee

    Here at Zoggs we understand that to get the most out of your swims you need equipment that you can trust, which is why in 2014 we launched our Aqualast™ fabric, the world…Read More

  • Stylish women’s swimwear for 2015

    Getting the most out of your swims is all about feeling fab and looking great, and our latest line of costumes for 2015 showcases the very best in fashion. With our unique ex…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: Becoming a Triathlete

    This year I have had the pleasure to be involved with TEAM TFN: TFN Triathlon club’s development team. After my initial assessments my coach Emil Bobok provided me the…Read More

  • Rosanna's Sponsored Swim

    Rosanna Ogden at her sponsored swim. Last month we shared with you a story about a fantastic little girl called Rosanna Ogden. Rosanna is 5 years-old and on the 1st of Au…Read More

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